* When you purchased LENT'S GET IT ON you created a Vimeo account.

* Your Vimeo account uses the email you provided at the time of purchase. (You were sent a confirmation email from Vimeo at the time of purchase.)

* You must be logged into this account to view LENT'S GET IT ON videos regardless of the device you are using.

* If you are NOT logged into Vimeo you will be told that you must purchase LENT'S GET IT ON (even if you have already purchased it).

* If you plan to view these videos from your mobile device we highly encourage you to download the Vimeo app. Once you have downloaded the app, you can log in through the app and view videos with ease. 




#1. How do I know when Lino has posted a new daily video?

**IF** you have selected RECEIVE UPDATES on the Vimeo page where you see Lino's videos you will receive an email to the email address associated with your Vimeo account notifying you when new videos are posted.  Otherwise, you will NOT get a daily email **from** VIMEO.

If however you provided us your email, you will get a daily email from Lino with the log-in link once he has posted a video. This link is NOT different every day. Lino's email basically serves as a reminder to go watch that day's video at:


#1 B. How do I get daily email notifications about Lino's videos from Vimeo? (i.e. How do I select RECEIVE UPDATES?)

Once you are logged in...

Below the primary video box there should be a little box that says “RECEIVE UPDATES”.

If you have already opted-in it’s a light blue color and has a checkmark.
If that’s you — you dont need to do anything else.You’re all set!

IF your box is black with just a blue line around it …and it has a little envelope icon… we need you to CLICK on that box.
It will turn light blue and have a checkmark.

If you do NOT see this box and are on your phone, turn your phone so it is in the landscape position (i.e. horizontal rather than vertical) and the box should appear.



#2. I'm trying to watch LENT'S GET IT ON but it says I need to buy it (again). How do I fix this?

You will see this if you are not logged into Vimeo because the system doesn't know that you've already made the purchase. You must be logged into Vimeo to access the videos from LENT'S GET IT ON.

Using the email address you provided at the time of purchase, log into Vimeo at If you do not know the email address you used to make your purchase, we recommended searching your emails for "Vimeo". The series was first made available for purchase on February 1st, so you likely purchased it then or shortly thereafter. You should also have another email from Vimeo on February 5th called "Lent's Get It On! is now live on Vimeo on Demand". If you think you need help to access the account you used to make your purchase, you must contact Vimeo directly as we have no access to your Vimeo account. Although you must make contact with Vimeo via email we have found their response time to be less than 24 hours. 



#3. I purchased LENT'S GET IT ON. How do I watch it?

Simply log in to Vimeo at and click "Purchases" in the top navigation bar to find your active rentals, subscriptions, and purchases.  

If you aren’t able to access a title you bought, a few things may have happened with your purchase:

    • Is it possible that you purchased the film under a different Vimeo account? In order to access your purchase, you must be logged in to the same Vimeo account you used to purchase the title originally. If you think you need help accessing the account you used to make your purchase, let Vimeo know and they can help out.
    • The charge may be pending. If your billing statement doesn’t indicate that the charge went through successfully yet, it’s possible that the charge is still awaiting authorization. In this case, if the charge doesn’t go through successfully, it will eventually clear from your billing statement.  
    • Your payment method may have failed. If we aren’t able to charge your payment method successfully, then your purchase won’t go through, and you’ll need to try making the purchase again.


To view your Vimeo On Demand (VOD) purchases on a computer, log in to your Vimeo account in your desktop browser and go to your Purchases (purchases also appear in your Watch Later queue). Clicking on a title in your purchases will take you to the VOD page, where you can stream the video(s). To switch into full-screen, click the icon in the lower-right corner of the player.

If your purchase has a download option, you can save the video file to your computer's hard drive by clicking the Download button on the title’s page (just below the video player). You can also do this by going to your Purchases and clicking the download button next to the title’s poster image.

Here's a video that will walk you through how to watch your VODs.


On a phone or tablet

You have two options for viewing purchased videos on your mobile device:    

  • Mobile app: Download the Vimeo mobile app to your phone or tablet. Within the app, log in to Vimeo, then navigate to your Watch Later queue, where you’ll find your purchased videos, ripe for the viewing.
  • Mobile site: On your phone or tablet, open a web browser and go to  Log in to Vimeo, tap the “v” icon (in the top-left corner of the page), and choose "Purchases" from the menu to see all of the titles you’ve bought. Your titles will also appear under "Watch later." 

While there’s no way to permanently download a video from Vimeo onto your phone, our mobile app does allow you to save videos for offline viewing.



#4. I've tried the recommendations above and none of this applies. HELP!

Email us at and rest assured we will do everything in our power to get your issue resolved.